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Satomi Okubo, Founder and Owner, Enshu Limited

Social Media

Today, social media is the online equivalent of word-of-mouth. Peer-to-peer referrals are huge.

It’s fair to say that we’re far more likely to take a friend’s advice on a potential future purchase over the company selling it. And that’s why social media is so powerful.

It’s loud, it’s in your face. 1.28 billion people are on Facebook, that’s not far off double the entire population of Europe. And yet, so many of us have a little wobble when it comes to utilising it as a viable marketing channel for our business.

Do I really need social media though?

After running social media workshops with SMEs and large multinational corporations, I’ve pinned down why exactly this is to three core reasons:

  1. Time

Sure, a tweet is only 140 characters, but sending five of those a day — the ideal number to tweet — can be disrupting.  

Even with the plethora of scheduling apps available that allow you to plan content ahead of the game can take up a chunk, and then you need to be on hand to engage with customers and be aware of any updates in the news that may interfere – some PR nightmares have been caused this way.

  1. Revenue Impact

Now, social media platforms are a maze of sophistication in themselves. I found that out, when I was required to give a presentation on Facebook’s algorithm, EdgeRank, for a job interview, and that was four years’ ago!

The platforms themselves are not the easiest to work out, especially for businesses that are looking to implement digital and contemporary marketing methods into their activities. With evolving apps, tools, features and advertising tips, this becomes even more in-depth.

Even if you know how to use the platforms themselves, the content must have a clear purpose, be timed correctly — particularly if it is part of a wider campaign — and is on point when it comes to your branding.

  1. Fear

This sounds odd, but the biggest shift I see in companies is when they let go of the worry that plagues them every time they consider using social media for their business.

“I don’t want to say the wrong thing/ face a backlash/open a can of worms” are common phrases I hear. As are “who cares what I say – won’t I just come across like an arrogant twit?”

Unlike other forms of popular marketing and PR avenues such as email marketing, press releases and even blogging, there is the worry that because social media is out there on a grand scale, to all and sundry, that the business will be met will be a wave of criticism.

The truth is, however, that this is the rare exception. Good customer service and a crisis plan is a proactive approach that also delivers peace of mind. 

The potential 

In my experience, I’ve seen companies embrace the roots up process of social media and interact with their customers on a far more engaging basis than the odd customer service call here and there. And as a result, they have reaped the rewards in positive reviews and successful growth.

We know it’s a case of joining the dots and overcoming these barriers so that you can reach customers in a more organic, long-term and profitable way.

If you’re looking for guidance in the right direction, or all-out outsourcing so you can concentrate on other areas of your business, then we can provide as minimal or full-on social media service as you need.

From planning your strategy,  choosing platforms that complement your business, setting up your profiles, creating content, connecting with consumers and managing social media analytics to maximise your social profile, we’re here.

We use a host of social media management tools to provide you with a comprehensive and up-to-date report on how users are engaging with your brand on social media. We then use this information to devise new and innovative ways to increase brand awareness, growth and fan interaction.

We provide training courses to build confidence, control and calmness under pressure when using social media for business.

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