Press Relations

Inside the Industry

I love writing so much that due to my experience as a Journalist and Editor, I know both sides of how the press receives and uses media content.

For many people, writing for the press can be a frustrating process that involves making a few stabs in the dark, failing to get responses from the journalists and spending hours and money on advertising to support getting your story out there.

Well, we stop that in its tracks.

Getting your PR right

We write on-point, bespoke, creative and stand-out press releases with attention grabbing headlines, concise content and testimonials from yourselves and clients (which we advise you on).

We also give our insider tips on the industry so that you can use the news agenda to your advantage and up your presence while building your desired brand and reputation.

I use my ongoing experience in the media industry and contacts to support your business growth and maximise news coverage.

Media relations is an important part of your overall marketing mix. So we combine it with your communications strategy, collateral and activities.

We assist press offices or work as your PR consultant and manager to support your public relations planning, initiatives, reputation and even crisis management.

Media training

Sourcing and fact checking news, storytelling and speaking to the press all require confidence and calmness (or at least, so it appears so).

That’s where I use my experience as a Journalist and Editor to ensure you and your spokesperson or people are ready and primed for interviews for print, online, radio and TV, both on camera and off.

In our training, we provide tailored workshops to keep you feeling confident, calm and in control throughout media interviews.

We cover:

  • How to find a story that sells
  • What publications are relevant to you
  • What the journalist is looking for
  • How to reach out and build a relationship with journalists
  • Tips, guidance and techniques during interviews
  • Practical training
  • Performance feedback

Check out more training courses here.

Contact us for a free consultation and to receive a questionnaire to talk through exactly what you’re looking for.