Happy Clients

“I can honestly say Natasha’s help, advice and guidance have been invaluable. I was not a keen social media user but with help for content creation, learning the etiquette and rules of social media and the tools available to make promoting my business on social media more effective and measurable, I now have the confidence to move advertising on social media to a new level.”

Clare Trice, Founder/Managing Director, CTCC Solutions Ltd


 “Practical approach to the subject – this is what made this training a success. Natasha explained all the HOW-TOs with clarity, energy and humour. She also remembered about the WHYs, which provided much-needed context for all the activities. I am using social media on daily basis, I do it for my business and for pleasure, and I joined the workshop to refresh my knowledge, with a hope of discovering a few information sources and techniques. I am very pleased to say that was exactly what happened. Natasha’s instructions were smart and helpful.

Although the group consisted of people with various levels of social media engagement, Natasha skilfully managed the pace of learning and kept everyone interested. She welcomed questions and offered suggestions applicable to businesses in the room, which made the workshop very valuable.

I would recommend Natasha as a trainer to anybody – no matter what skill set.”

Klementyna de Sternberg Stojalowska, Owner, Inc Element


“Natasha has proven 100 times or more what an exceptionally talented and dedicated writer andeditor she is. Whether it be magazine articles, business writing or social media writing, Natasha knows exactly what the project requires and delivers to an exceptional standard. Her work ethic is second to none and highly recommended.”

Kamal Gurung, Gurkha Chef and TDUK


Natasha has been supporting three important clients with PR and related activities. The electronics and pharmaceutical industries have been the major areas, with overseas PR work being part of the role. Nat has been a great success during her time here, obvious writing and press relations skills and not least, she has kept our three clients happy. I have found her diligent, well organised, skilled and pleasant to work with. I wish her well and intend to work with her in the future- her social media experience could be of great benefit to us.

Richard Hart, Director, Hart Marketing


Working with Natasha has given me peace of mind and so much time back into my life to do the things that I am good at.

Writing is not what I am best at, I am a people person, so having someone who can understand me, understand my business and reflect that into words that I want to say is priceless.

I fully recommend her services…

Lorraine Tarbitten, Owner, The LP Partnership


 “A wide range of knowledge and skills to get any message across to an audience.”

Caroline Przybyla, Owner, Head Street Gallery


“Professional, reliable and conscientious. Highly recommended.”

Satomi Okubo, Founder and Owner, Enshu Limited


“An excellent job for me, very quick at a great price. Just what I needed.”

LogoPress, Harper Road


“Great job. Brilliant. Fantastic. Style and pace of writing style ideal for target audience. Looking forward to ongoing work.”

Future Secure, Financial Advisors


“Took on the responsibility for sourcing editorial in a number of languages, managing freelancers and in-house staff, working to structured deadlines and creating an outstanding design with technical CMS support catering for multiple languages. The quality of work was truly amazing.”

Mark Adams, Founder and CEO, TCG.SO, The Conversation Group and Chairman of Honey